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Microblading Training

Our three-day microblading training course will equip you with the fundamental knowledge that you need to perform microblading. You’ll not only learn how to master the art of microblading, but also how to feel comfortable working with any client that might come your way. You’ll learn color theory, which techniques work best with different skin types, and proper healing techniques. You will receive a kit, work on a live model and receive continuing support throughout your career.

The difference

When you learn with us, the difference is that our support continues after you finish your courses, and even after certification. We offer an amazing, private community through social media where you’ll not only be able to communicate with your trainer, but also build networks of support with previous and future students. If you’re located in the Las Vegas area, we offer a six-month apprenticeship where you can shadow our trainer. We welcome you to use our facility as a place to build your business.

Day one

On the first day, we’ll cover the basics. We’ll discuss not just the artistic process of microblading but the realities of starting a permanent makeup business. In order to get your start as an artist, you’ll need awareness of the different regulations and requirements of the industry. You’ll learn how to become a licensed professional in the state of Nevada, and we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide covering everything you need to know to break in.


On the artistic side, we’ll start training your eye to make and customize brow designs. You’ll learn and practice hair stroke patterns and brow mapping, learning the artistic flexibility that’s needed to give a wide variety of customers their dream looks.


We’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the tools and processes you’ll need to perform microblading responsibly. From blades to healing creams to numbing agents, you’ll get comfortable with the everyday equipment we use in studio. You’ll learn how to perform various procedures in a safe and sterile way, learning about bloodborne pathogens and effective contamination control along the way, so that you can ultimately ensure your clients are safe and comfortable during every step of the process.

Day Two

On day two, we’ll dive into practically applying the skills you learned on the first day. You’ll practice designs on mannequin heads, growing comfortable with the feel and scope of your tools, and which looks you can achieve with each one. Under our trainer’s careful supervision, you’ll grow comfortable working on the mannequins’ “skin,” ensuring that your needle depth is correct.

We’ll also go deeper into the artistic components of the process. Every client is unique, and not only the procedure but also the design will need to be precisely tailored to them. On day two, we’ll discuss color theory, the use of pigments, and which pigments need to be used based on your clients’ skin tones and undertones.

How can you ensure a vibrant or subtle tone, depending on what your client wants? How can you make sure to avoid undesired tints or fading? How can you determine whether your client’s skin tone is cool, neutral, or warm, and how can you mix pigments accordingly to achieve a balance that looks both natural and beautiful? We’ll delve into this and more.

Day Three

Day three will include a complete setup and breakdown of a microblading service, start to finish. Yes: that means you’ll perform a real procedure on a client!

During the process, our trainer will shadow you, guiding you through every step. Working together, you’ll take your model through a design consultation, and then you’ll perform a microblading procedure for the first time, from numbing to aftercare, all under the careful supervision of our trainer.

In training, there’s no replacement for actual, concrete experience. With the opportunity to work with a model, you’ll leave our three-day course equipped with everything you need to move forward as a permanent makeup artist. You’ll have the skillset and artistic base you need for your designs, the knowledge of the business side of the industry, and the confidence you need to give your clients what they’re looking for.

Starter Kit

We provide a starter kit to every one of our students, including PMU basics as well as a step-by-step business guide

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