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A la Carte PMU Training

This advanced class is perfect for anyone who has already completed our beginner course, or for those who have prior experience in permanent makeup. You’ll have the option to choose which service you’d like to train in: eyeliner, lip blush, or brows. In our advanced class, we’ll dive further into color theory, pigments, and techniques. No matter which you choose to specialize in, you’ll learn techniques for building your business, connecting with clients, and more!

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Increasingly popular, permanent eyeliner is a valuable tool to add to your repertoire. We’ll discuss how to achieve a wide variety of styles, colors, and shapes with exact precision. With such a sensitive area, we’ll also discuss how to avoid pigment migration and overworking the skin, as well as how to minimize swelling.

Lip Blush

Lip Blush can help give the appearance of fuller and more even lips. We’ll discuss the unique requirements of tattooing the skin around the mouth, as well as how to blend pigments from the edge of the mouth into overall lip shading in order to create a natural effect. We’ll also discuss local anesthetics and healing to try and ensure clients’ comfort.

Ombre / Powder Brows

Ombre and powder brows offer unique possibilities for clients with atypical skin types, and are a useful procedure for every permanent makeup artist to be comfortable with. We’ll practice with the tools unique to ombre tattooing. We’ll also discuss combining these procedures with microblading to tailor designs to clients’ wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The class includes practical machine work on a client, you’ll leave with the knowledge of how to use a machine! With the machines we have in studio, we’ll cover how to hold various tools properly, as well as delving into movement techniques. We do, however, have machines available to buy, which are our preferred models.

We provide a starter kit to every one of our students, including microblading basics as well as a step-by-step business guide!

The class will last a full day, taking between 8 and 9 hours.

Lunch is provided at no additional charge, although because the class is such a full day, we’ll often work through lunch without a long break!

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